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My Story

My name is Michael, now I will tell you how my biggest dream was born many years ago, when I was still a child attending elementary school.

One hour a week the teacher made us watch Overland, Italians documentaries on television in class lesson. They were documentaries where trucks equipped for expedition showed their adventures in the snow, rain, mud and many other situations in beautiful countries around the world.

What can I say… the first documentary had already conquered me. Seeing these crazy vehicles going around the world made my imagination wander. I felt the greatest emotion when at the end of the school year Mr. Beppe Tenti, the expedition manager, came to visit us at school, to show us one of the trucks with which he had traveled the world. You can only imagine my happiness on that June day.

Years went by, I went to university and once I finished my studies I worked for several years in the clothing world. But the dream of one day having my own 4×4 camper truck never faded.

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First Steps

2021 was a very significant year for me, I made some important decisions that would change the prospects for my future.

These changes had to happen one day to start taking the first steps towards realizing my dream.
So I decided to buy an Iveco 4×4 truck without outfitting (only with the chassis), and then I started working on the design of the unit that was supposed to reflect my future home.

By the time I had started work on the truck, I was wrapping up the closure of the clothing business. I wanted to participate in all the works together with the professionals also for my personal growth.

The works lasted about a year, it was an intense period, with many sacrifices and subsequently with many satisfactions.


The Trip

The end of the work on the truck was approaching and I started planning a trip with my girlfriend and our dog to have a break from work, but above all to test the efficiency of my vehicle.

The trip lasted ten months and it was an unique experience, we visited countries very different from Italy both in terms of culture and landscapes (eg: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Oman).
This trip has also stimulated me a lot from a working point of view. Having the opportunity to test the truck on a wide variety of terrains and environments was very useful for studying the different needs in long distances and in its habitability.

After the work experience carried out on my truck, I feel ready to recommend and build vehicles that allow other people to travel and face experiences around the world in safety and comfort.
One thing I’ve learned is that dreams must always be cultivated and committed to making them come true as soon as possible.

This link takes you directly to our Instagram page “Overtruck_4x4” where we documented this wonderful trip: instagram.com/overtruck_4x4


Time for Adventure

Time for adventure is not a randomly chosen phrase, it represents the desire to set out on new adventures that may concern work or travel around the world.